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Our curriculum was made so that it would soar above all the previous accreditation standards at the state and national levels. To our great joy, our curriculum acheived the stamp of excellence by AdvancED. Part of the backbone of our educational philosophy is that children learn through playing. This is why we say often, "when we play, we learn.” Our curriculum reflects "best practices" that are proven by child care experts and researchers. As much as possible, our teachers explain the lessons according to the individual needs of each student. 

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We like to view each child as unique. Each child does not follow a formulaic developmental cycle, therefore we try to specialize our educational approach as much as possible. We can provide accomidations for special needs children as well. Our curriculum celebrates individual giftings, community diversity, and team-oriented experiences.

We foster your child's communication development:

We use a variety of group activities in order to foster your child's language use. This is accomplished by listening to stories, and reading books outloud. We also create mini theatre experiences, drawing, building, and other activities. 

We teach numerous subjects to propel cognitive growth: 

We teach sections on math, science, history, language arts, health and art. Yet, we integrate numerous subjects together through activites and classroom teaching. Some of these are building with blocks, measuring food ingredients, observing the environment, working with simple and safe tools, sorting numerous objects, exploring nature, and creating objects with pencil, paint, and clay.  

We implement exercise to help physical growth:

Our play time outside is organized so that chldren grow in their gross motor skills. Outdoor time allows children to express themselves while getting exercise and having fun. Our outdoor playgrounds are specifically designed for activities.

We cherish artistic and creative expression:

Children are given daily opportunities for artistic expression and fine arts appreciation. Children are encouraged to experiment with different instruments and enjoy various forms of art.

We offer relationship building opportunities:

The curriculum also provides room for the involvement of each family in the education of their children. This is to help a child to develop socially--at school and at home--and grow a children's self-esteem because of positive feelings toward learning.  

At Kids 'R' Kids Missouri city the curriculum develops upon the previous age group. So the infant curriculum anchors the toddler program and so fourth. This will provide for smooth movement as children mature and grow. Why not sign your child up right now?

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