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Policies & Procedures


Welcome To Our School 


Beginning preschool is an important step in your child's life and we are excited to partner with you in your child's education. We hope that your time at our school will be a happy and exciting experience for both you and your child. This handbook has been prepared as an informative guide for Kids R Kids Preschool so parents can know and understand our school's philosophy and policies. Please read it carefully and keep it for future reference. We hope this information will help you and your child to adjust readily and happily at this important time. Kids R Kids Quality Learning Centers are open to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical disabilities.  


Our Philosophy and Mission 

We believe children should be “Hugged First, Then Taught.” 


Kids'R'Kids Learning Academies provide a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for young children; a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society. 

Kids'R'Kids wants all children to have the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe and  healthy environment. As a family-owned and operated organization, Kids'R'Kids welcomes positive family involvement and encourages a family-teacher approach where the needs of every child comes first to obtain a successful early childhood education. 


Equal Opportunity 

This School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, citizenship, handicap or disability or any other legally protected status in regards to admissions or in the administration of its educational policies and administered programs. This School makes its programs and services accessible to individuals with disabilities. The School welcomes requests for accommodation. The School will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students with mental or physical disabilities, to the extent that such a request does not cause a fundamental alteration to the School's programs/curriculum and to the extent that it does not create an undue hardship for the School.  

The first step in requesting an accommodation is to provide the Owner with documentation of the condition from a qualified professional, such as a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Upon receipt of such documentation and recommendations, we will communicate with the family in an interactive process to obtain additional information or discuss the circumstances related to the request.  



Family-School Involvement 

We welcome family input and encourage you to visit your child's classroom and speak with your child's teacher. We have an open door policy at our School and families are encouraged to get involved in their child's classroom. If you would like to request a conference, please call during School hours to set up a convenient time. Conferences can be requested at any time and may include the teachers, administration or both. 


Family Communication Board 

On a daily basis, please check the Family Communication Board in our lobby. 


Classrooms and Daily Reports 

Be sure to check your child's cubby box and classroom folder daily for messages, daily reports and artwork. Notices and messages sent by you should be written and submitted to the teacher or front desk staff.  The parent information board in each classroom has calendars, menus, curriculum, state ratio information, and parent resources. Infants through pre-Kindergarten will have a daily report completed by the classroom teachers to relate the day's events specific to your child.  We welcome any questions and suggestions. If there are family situations that affect your child, please discuss them with your child's teacher or the Director. Remember that any information regarding a personal issue is kept confidential and we are glad to help whenever possible. 


Web Page 

The School's official website is www.kidsrkidsmissouricity.com. The Kids'R'Kids International website is www.kidsrkids.com. Families are encouraged to check these websites at least weekly.   


Role of Families or Other Caregivers:  Our General Expectations For You 

The relationship between families and School staff is vital to the success of a child's experience. A partnership must be formed the first day, with open communication and understanding that the development and the growth of the child is our top priority. 



The Newsletter is published monthly, and contains upcoming events and activities throughout the school. You can view the newsletter online at www.kidsrkidsmissouricity.com. 


Check-In Computer 

We may use the check-in computer to relay messages to you when you check-in or check-out your child. 


Admission And Related Processes 


Enrollment Process 

Families are encouraged to have their children with them the first time they visit the School. It is important that the 

child and the parent feel absolutely comfortable with our staff and the facility. To reserve space in our program you must submit a completed application and tuition fee schedule as well as the non-refundable registration fee. Amounts of all fees are found on the fee schedule. 


First Day 

On, or prior to, your child's first day of School the following forms must be completed, signed and reviewed by 

the administrative staff: 


• Enrollment Packet (including Application and accompanying forms) 

• Emergency Information Card 

• Copy of Immunization Record 

• Infant Information Form (if applicable) 


No child may continue enrollment in School for more than 30 days without a current immunization report. Please let the administrative staff know of any allergies or special dietary requirements prior to your child's first day. If the information in any of these forms changes during the child's enrollment, families are responsible for  notifying the School in writing of the changes. 


Admission and Re-Enrollment 

Admission and, as applicable, re-enrollment, is dependent on the following:  

All fees, application, and other required forms must be submitted, completed and evaluated. Any false or misleading statements made verbally or on any submitted documents shall be grounds for denial of admission or immediate dismissal.

All financial obligations must have been met in a timely manner.  

The Director reserves the right to place children in a classroom, to determine the teachers for a particular classroom  and to determine whether a particular child continues to meet the School's requirements.  



Families are responsible for initiating the child withdrawal process.  Families will need to submit a two week notice of withdrawal, in writing, to the administrative staff.  Full tuition is due during this time whether your child attends or not.  No adjustments will be made to tuition during this time. 



The staff will work with each child to meet the needs of that child and every effort will be made to provide a positive learning experience. However, this School reserves the right to ask families to make alternative arrangements for care if it is determined that a child's needs cannot be met or the child has not adjusted to group care provided by the School. In the event behavior becomes disruptive to the program or poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the School, alternative arrangements may be required. A dismissal will only be considered after careful consideration. If the School determines that our program is not a successful match, families will be given referral information to assist in the transition to a program better suited to the family's needs. 

If you, the parent, are uncooperative in completing and returning forms, fail to pay your tuition on time, fail to follow any state or county regulations, or fail to follow any Kids'R'Kids Policy or Procedure, it may be necessary to dismiss your child from our School. 


Financial Policies 


Registration Fees 

Registration fees are assessed for new and returning students, are payable upon registration and are non- refundable. These fees serve to insure your child's placement in addition to covering the costs of processing the application for admission, supplies and educational materials.  The amount of these fees may be found on the current Rate Schedule. 


Tuition and Other Fees 

Tuition includes educational programs, internet viewing system, lunch, morning snack and afternoon snack, crafts, supplies, curriculum materials, and various extra-curricular activities. Family discount includes a 10% discount for the oldest sibling.  This discount will not be applied to any adjusted weekly rates, including vacation weeks. Families are responsible for any special diet required for their child with no adjustment to tuition given (refer to Meals and Snacks). 

Tuition is paid weekly or monthly in advance with no deductions for absence, holidays, teacher workdays and days the School is closed for inclement weather. Tuition is due Friday for the upcoming week. If the tuition and fees are not paid in full by close of business the following Monday, a late fee of $50.00 will be assessed and the child will be subject to dismissal. Monthly tuition is calculated by determining the number of  Mondays in the month and multiplying by the weekly rate. 

When a payment is delinquent for one week, the space can no longer be reserved for your child. Your child will not be permitted to attend School as of Wednesday of any week that tuition is not paid in full. 

Families will be notified of any changes in tuition within four weeks of the change. We reserve the right to change tuition and/or program fees due to unforeseen increases in expenses. Any additional services such as late pick-up, field trips, etc. must be paid the same day the services are rendered. 

When a child has transitioned full time into an older classroom the new tuition rate will become effective once we have insured that your child has transitioned successfully. 

No portion of your weekly paid outstanding tuition will be refunded or canceled in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal from School. Should it become necessary to withdraw your child for any reason, a two- week written notice must be given to the administration. If the notice ends on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, tuition for the entire week is due. 


NSF Charges 

If your check is returned for any reason, an NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) charge of $50.00 will be applied to your account. This will be due in addition to any late charges prior to the beginning of the next week. Returned checks must be covered by a cashier's check, money order or cash. 




School Hours 

This School is open Monday through Friday, 12 months per year, from 6:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please refer to the tuition fee schedule for holidays the School is closed, as they may change from year to year. Since we are licensed only for specific hours of operation, no early drop-off or late pick-up can be allowed. 



We recommend all children arrive by their classroom's morning group time. Morning activities usually begin at this time and this will help your child to be a fully participating group member. All children must be escorted into a classroom by an adult. Upon arrival into the classroom, we ask that you wash your hands as well as your child's hands. This will help us minimize the spread of illness. Your child's arrival must be acknowledged by the classroom teacher before you can leave your child. 



To pick up a child from our School, an adult must come into the building, sign the child out, let the teacher be aware of your presence and escort the child out of the building. The family or guardian must supervise their child at all times after leaving the classroom, both inside the building and in the parking area. If someone other than a family member is picking up a child, they will be asked for a picture ID to match the person to the name given by the family. 


Late Pick-Up 

If you will be late arriving to the School for pick up, please call and notify the administration. There is a charge of $2 per minute after 6:30 p.m. The late charge is due upon arrival and is payable in cash only. If children are left at the School after 7:00 p.m. and no attempt to contact the School has been made and all attempts at reaching the child's emergency contacts have failed, legal authorities (including the Police Department and the Department of Family and Protective Services) will be contacted. 


Inclement Weather 

This School takes into consideration several factors when making a judgment as to whether we will open late or close early due to inclement weather.  We do our own assessment of the conditions including local authority recommendations, local road conditions and forecasted temperatures. Please call the School, check our website, listen to the radio, watch television for announcements, and check your e-mail about closings due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 



We will be closed on all major  holidays.   The exact dates that we will be closed may be found on the Family Communication Board in the lobby as well as on the Web Page. 



All children are eligible for three weeks of vacation per year after the child has been enrolled for three months. Each week of vacation must be 5 consecutive days ( Monday through Friday). Vacations expire on the anniversary date of enrollment for the child, and can not be carried over the next year.  A credit of one-half of your regular tuition rate will be applied to your account for vacation weeks, during which your child may not attend School. 


Health and Safety 


General Safety Statement 

All of the policies, rules and regulations presented in this handbook are designed to make the time your child spends at our School safe and rewarding. We have taken a number of steps to promote the safety and protection of your child while in our care. They are as follows: 

  • All exits and entrances are locked and only accessible by keypad code entry or key. 
  • Classrooms are surrounded on three sides by tempered glass walls for easy viewing. 
  • Frequent observations of the classrooms are performed by the administration. 
  • All common areas of the School are able to be viewed via the closed-circuit internet camera system which is 
  • password protected. 


Classroom Safety 

Our School is located in an area which is free from conditions which are deemed hazardous to the physical and moral welfare of the children. Our School provides equipment and furnishings that are child-sized, sturdy, safe and in good repair. Individual teachers are responsible for the set-up of their classroom. It is part of their daily routine to wash and sanitize toys and furniture and to watch for and eliminate any hazards present in the classroom. Teachers are provided with guidelines as to what equipment and toys should exist in each classroom. 


Playground Safety 

A safe, age-appropriate outdoor environment is provided for our children. The following rules are enforced for indoor and outdoor play areas: 

  • When a class has outdoor time, all children must stay with their class. 
  • Teachers will supervise the children on the playground at all times. 
  • In case of an accident, one teacher may bring a child in for first aid. 
  • At no time will the class be left on the playground without appropriate supervision. 
  • The administration and the teachers will inspect the playground daily and report any unsafe conditions immediately 


Sick Policies 

Our ultimate goal is to provide a place where your child can learn, develop and have fun in a safe and healthy environment. The School is not equipped with the staff or facilities to care for sick children for an extended length of time. We depend on you to assume care for your sick child. The following guidelines for excluding children help us to keep many communicable illnesses out of our facility and thereby maintain regular attendance from the majority of the children and staff. 

A child will be excluded from the classroom and comforted in the “Boo-Boo Room” by a member of our administration while the family members are contacted to pick up within two hours in the event of: 

  • Fever of 100.4 degrees or higher 
  • Diarrhea episodes of more than two in a day 
  • Skin rashes that are not diagnosed by a physician's note 
  • Vomiting episodes of more than two a day 
  • Nose drainage that is thick and green or excessive for the comfort of the child 
  • Eye drainage of any type accompanied by red eyes or mucus crusted around the eyes 
  • Pink eye or symptoms similar to those of pink eye 
  • Chicken pox or measles sores are suspected 
  • Scabies systems are suspected 
  • Respiratory problems including uneven breathing or severe coughing with wheezing or croup 
  • Sore throat, especially if swollen glands are suspected 
  • Strep throat symptoms are suspected 
  • Head lice are found 
  • Appearance or behavior is unusual and the teachers agree that the child is not feeling well enough to participate with the rest of the class including lack of appetite, confused or irritable 
  • Unusual color is noticed in the child such as jaundiced eyes or skin, pale in the face, stool or urine is an unusual color 

All of these conditions (except fever) will require 24 hour treatment or a doctor's note for the child to resume their normal attendance schedule. Children must be completely fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication before returning to School. 

If your child becomes ill at School, we will contact you and isolate your child from other children in the Boo-Boo Room until she/he is picked up from School. If your child is absent, please contact us and let us know the reason. We will need this information to prevent the spread of contagious disease in the facility. 


Infectious Diseases 

If a child or staff member is diagnosed with an infectious or communicable disease, you will be notified by a sign on your child's classroom door. The sign will contain the name of the disease, the date it was diagnosed, and any symptoms that would alert you to the presence of the disease. It is your responsibility to report to the School any infectious or communicable disease for which your child is diagnosed. The student with the communicable disease must be cleared by a doctor or nurse before returning to School. 


Medication Policy 

Complete the medication form, available at the front office. 

We require that families provide a signed authorization including administration and dosage procedures for each medication to be administered. Any potential adverse reaction to the medication must be listed on the authorization so that the child can be properly monitored and families notified accordingly. This authorization is required at the beginning of each calendar week.  

We do not permit giving non-prescription, over the counter medication or topical, non-medical ointment, repellent, lotion, cream or powder without written authorization from the child's family and written doctor's authorization and instructions stating: 

  • The child's full name 
  • The name of the medication or the prescription number 
  • The amount and frequency of dosage 
  • The name of the prescribing physician 
  • The date the instructions were signed by the physician 

Over-the-counter medicines must be in their original containers. 

Medicine is administered at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. by a member of the administrative staff.   We will not administer any medication after its expiration date or for non-medicated reasons, such as to induce sleep. 

We will not accept a Medication Authorization Form that states the medication to be given “as needed.” Parents must indicate the exact conditions under which the medication should be given. 

Only ONE medication can be listed on each Medication Authorization Form. 

If your child receives an antibiotic from his/her doctor that specifies a 2 times per day dosage, those doses should be administered both before and after School. If the antibiotic should be given 3 times per day we will gladly include it in our afternoon medications. Please note that antibiotics must be given at home for 24 hours prior to your child returning to School. 

Prescription medication must be in its original container bearing the pharmacist's label. 

All medications must be dropped off and picked up at the front desk, each day. These medications will be stored in a locked secure area inaccessible to the children. Medication may not be transported to the classroom by families. 


All medication must be taken home daily to ensure proper family control. Exceptions to this rule are life-saving medications such as breathing treatments and Epi-Pens. Any child needing these types of medications administered will be placed on a “Care Plan” developed by the child's family, a medical expert, and the School Director. Any “Care Plan” currently in use will remain so until renewal time (at least every 6 months). 

Children are not allowed to bring any type of medication to the School to administer themselves. Thank you for adhering to this policy to ensure the health and safety of all children.  


Emergency Medical Care 

Each child, upon enrollment, must have emergency care information on file. It is the family's responsibility to keep this information current. In the case of a medical emergency, you will be notified immediately. 

If warranted, emergency medical personnel will be contacted to provide transportations to the nearest hospital specified on the Health and Emergency Information form. If possible, a member of the School administration or the child's teacher will accompany the child. 



The School must have on file the Immunization Records for each child with specific dates recorded. These forms are obtained from a private physician or the local Health Department. The immunizations must include: 

  • a series of 5 DPT doses (age appropriate) 
  • 4 doses of polio (OPV) 
  • 2 doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) (age appropriate) 
  • Completed 3-shot hepatitis series 
  • Varicella (chicken pox) shot 

All forms must be dated and signed by a physician before the child's first day of School. 


Vision and Hearing Screening 

Recognizing the important relationship between vision and the learning process, the 68th Texas Legislature passed the Special Senses and Communication Disorders Act of 1983.  One purpose of the Act is to identify those children in need of professional vision and hearing examinations.  As a part of comprehensive preschool health programming, vision and hearing screening, is aimed at detecting problems which would limit the child's educational opportunities.  The Act requires that all children enrolled for the first time in any preschool facility in Texas, or who are 4 years old through high school must have yearly record or the screening in the child's file.  The following data must be recorded:  Child's Name, Type of Screening, Date, Screener, and Screening results.  The school does have this available to you annually, it is therefore the responsibility of the parent to fill out the form with their payment to participate in the Hearing and Vision Screening when we make our announcement. 


Accident Reports 

Staff members may apply simple first aid at the School for minor injuries such as cuts, abrasions, bruises and insect bites. If any of these occur and first aid is administered, a “ Boo-Boo Report” will be completed. This report will state the nature of the injury, the cause and the treatment. It will be signed by the teacher who completed the report, a member of administration and the family. The School will then log the incident in the child's file. If an accident is caused by or involves another child, that child's name cannot be given out and will not appear on the report. Families will be notified immediately if a child receives any injury other than a minor one. 


Reporting Abuse and Neglect 

In the event a trained staff member feels a child has been abused or neglected, that staff member has responsibility to report his/her suspicion to the School Administration. At that time the administration will determine if the suspected abuse or neglect is accurate. If the administration then feels that the suspicion is founded, they will contact social services to begin a formal investigation. All activity will be documented, including the initial report by the staff member. The staff member may choose to remain anonymous. 

All allegations of abuse or neglect will be received by the state agency overseeing child care as well as Kids'R'Kids International, Inc.  The county department of social services will determine if an investigation is needed within the 24 hours of the complaint. Even if the county department of social services determines the allegation does not warrant investigation, the complaint shall be investigated by the state child care service and Kids'R'Kids International, Inc. 

We take our responsibilities to report suspected child abuse, neglect, and abandonment seriously and will cooperate with governmental authorities in connection with their investigations. If you have any questions regarding the School's mandatory reporting obligations, please consult the Director or the Owner. 


Emergency Procedures 

If an emergency situation develops such as severe weather, fire, physical problems with the building, or power failure, the children's safety is our first concern. Evacuation route diagrams are posted throughout the facility. The School is equipped with a fire alarm system, a sprinkler system, fire extinguishers in each room, and a weather alert radio. 

Fire drills are performed on a monthly basis and all staff members are instructed on proper tornado procedures. In the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, snow storm, etc., the families will be notified as soon as possible to pick up their child. If the family cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called (this person should be local to the School). 


Boo-Boo Room 

The Boo-Boo Room is located in the lobby, near the front desk, for any child needing to be removed from the classroom due to illness or a minor injury needing first aid. This room provides a safe, healthy environment for the child while families are contacted. In the case of sick children, the room is completely sanitized after each use. 


Child Conduct 


Basic Expectations

Our discipline policy at Kids'R'Kids is built around our understanding of child development. Our goal is to allow each child to find and develop their own personal self-management skills. As teachers and staff, we offer children choices so they feel powerful in their ability to gain self- control. We use positive behavior management techniques such as positive phrasing and “I” statements as ways to further develop self-discipline. In situations where children are having a difficult time managing negative emotions, they may be removed from the over- stimulating environment to a quiet area where a teacher or member of the administrative staff can work one-on-one to resolve the situation. Families will always be informed if a situation such as this has occurred. If a child continues to have a difficult time, a team meeting with the family may be requested. This meeting will consist of the team developing a plan of action to best meet the needs of the child and the family.  



Praise, positive reinforcement, and redirection are effective methods for the behavior management of children.  When children receive positive, non-violent, and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop good self-concepts, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline.  Based on this belief of how children learn and develop values, this facility will practice the following discipline and behavior management policy taken from the Kids 'R' Kids Parent Handbook and the NAEYC Code of Ethics.  

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies we use a method of  'redirection' to guide children toward appropriate behavior.  If a child is engaged in behavior that is not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will “redirect” the child toward appropriate behavior. 

 “Above all, we shall not harm children.  We shall not participate in practices that are disrespectful, degrading, dangerous, exploitative, intimidating, emotionally damaging, or physically harmful to children.”  (NAEYC Code of Ethics – Principle-1.1) 


Child Behavior  

Children will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal for: 

  • Abuse or damage of School property 
  • Bullying/Harassment/Hazing 
  • Committing a serious breach of conduct inside or outside of the School  
  • Disrespect 
  • Disruption of School functions 
  • Fighting 
  • Lewd or obscene behavior 
  • Possession or sale of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or drug related items 
  • Possession or use of a weapon, among other things 
  • Profanity or vulgarity 
  • Sexual or other misconduct 
  • Stealing 
  • Threatening behavior 
  • Verbal or physical assault 
  • Violation of School's “Computer/Network Policy” 
  • Inappropriate use of the Internet
  • Willful disobedience 


The School understands that occasional displays of aggression, like biting, are typical in young child














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